Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bug Treatments

Our nation is facing an invasion of a blood thirty invader. It wants to come into you home and feed off your flesh. This miserable, disgusting little enemy is the bed bug. While common in the United States 100 to 50 years ago, bed bugs until recently were an extreme rarity in American homes.
But several factors have come together which has enabled bed bugs to re-establish themselves as widespread and persistent pests in our homes, hotels and motels, even very clean homes and high-end swanky hotels.
One reason bed bug have made a come back is that many major pesticides, such as DDT, have been banned worldwide. That’s a good thing because of the harm DDT and other chemicals were doing to the environment, but it opened a window for bed bugs to return and thrive. Another reason is the new global nature of the world community. That is, it’s much more common for people to travel frequently from country to country. Bed bugs easily hitch a ride in the luggage of travelers, and those travelers infect hotels and motels. From there, it’s a short hop to the average home.
So don’t feel bad, or as if you are doing something wrong if you end up with bed bugs in your home. It’s easy for these critters to sneak a ride on just about anything — if you stay in a hotel, for example, you may bring bed bug eggs back with you in your clothing or luggage. They’ll soon be in your bed.
Bed bugs are an ancient enemy of man. They are mentioned in Greek writing as early as 400 B.C.! Back then, bed bugs were actually considered valuable as a treatment for snake bites! Bed bugs are first mentioned in Germany in the 11th Century, in France in the 13th Century, and so on up until the present day.
When DDT was introduced in the 1940s, bed bugs virtually disappeared from our lives. DDT was banned in Europe in the 1960s and 1972 in the United States.
Scientist call bed bugs Cimicidae, a term used to refer to bugs that feed off the blood of warm blooded animals, including human beings. Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown, flattened, oval and wingless. The adults ate about 4 to 5 mm in width and 1.5 to 3 mm wide.

So that’s just a short history primer on bed bugs. The more you know about your enemy, the better equipped you will be to deal with this pest if it invades your home. The bottom line is, bed bugs have a long, ancient association with human beings. We have been trying to get rid of them for centuries. That means nobody should feel somehow unclean or inadequate if they find this menace in their homes. You can get rid of them — but you need persistence, a strategy and knowledge to eliminate them and keep them from coming back.



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